Words I Wish I Wrote #1

Words I Wish I Wrote began its life (and continues to do so) as a bookmark folder on my web browser, storing the long reads, short stories, poems, and blogs that I find. Having the attention span of a fly, it has morphed into a place where all the goodness (read: procrastination aids) live - documentaries, podcasts and the occasional vine included. Apparently oversharing on the Internet isn't a thing, so here I am, sifting through the garbage to give you the gold.

'30 More Under 30' by Semtex - Nation of Billions

In response to Music Week's overwhelmingly white list of 30 music business movers and shakers under 30 years old (there were only 2 people of ethnic minority background), Semtex - DJ and long-time supporter of Britain's underground artists - wrote his own. His list includes Kaiya Milan (manager of Kojey Radical), Leila Singh (head of PR for Eskimo Dance), Ra'ed Khan (foudner of Pardon My Blog) and Julie Adenuga. Considering the success of these names, it's surprising that they weren't included in the first place. Music Week have promised to step up in the coming years to ensure nominations they receive in the future are representative of the industry.

'What Bloc’s founder gets hideously, hilariously wrong about today’s “spineless hipster” ravers' by Chal Stevens - Fact

A line-by-line rebuttal of Bloc founder George Hull's claim that hipsters have affected rave culture. Stevens' challenges reveal how any justifiable points Hull may have had are overshadowed by his insistence on calling out the people who consistently attend his events and are inevitably funding his 'super club' in East London. A club that's probably an attempt to maintain the 'illusory' sense of 'danger' he favours over many things, including women and ethnic minorities feeling safe and welcome at his events.

How I Fell In Love With Grime by Joseph 'JP' Patterson - iD

No matter how many I hear, I never tire of people's stories of their relationship with grime. This piece from 2015 comes from Joseph 'JP' Patterson, Senior Editor at Complex, who tells the story of how grime still found him outside of London.

Easy Lover Easy Rider: Action Bronson Interviews Phil Collins - Stereogum

Action Bronson doing anything is gold. Not only because he's funny and a pretty good rapper but because he's proof that we're all complex and multi-talented beings. Have you seen Fuck That's Delicious?! In an interview with Phil Collins they discuss the virtues of English curry houses, the school run, and Phil's iTunes folder of 'In The Air' covers.

Rap Roads Episode 1: Bristol - Mad Good Music

Another look at grime from outside London. The more attention grime gets, the more I look for artists who get very little, and for a long time that has been the MCs from other cities. Mad Good Music stepped in to chart Bristol's history with the scene and other aspects of UK rap.

Grace Shutti